DC's Dinosaur Superman is An Even Greater Hero Than Kal-El

Warning! Spoilers for The Jurassic League #1 DC Comics

With the launch of DC Comics' new book of Justice League members as dinosaurs, it might look like a wild and crazy story on the surface, but it actually has a Superman that's far more heroic than his mainstream counterpart.

The concept behind The Jurassic League is fairly simple and straightforward. It takes characters from the main DC Universe and reimagines them as super dinosaurs. The rules behind the universe are pretty flimsy. While the main characters are anthropomorphic dinosaurs, there are still normal non-speaking dinosaurs in the world, too. Primitive humans exist in this universe, as well, and regularly speak with and interact with the more human-like dinosaurs. There's a Jokerzard, Black Mantasaurus, and even a Wonderdon.

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This world's version of Superman is called Supersaur, who lives in a version of Metropolis called Metraaaghpolis. Unlike the normal version of Superman, whose Kryptonian parents targeted Earth as the place to send their son when Krypton was in danger, the opening page of this story reveals how Supersaur's biological parents had no idea where they were sending their son when they launched him into space. They just knew their world was dying and their son needed to be saved. The couple took a humongous risk by sending him blindly through the stars, rolling the dice as to where he would wind up.

In terms of the Superman mythos, this is a big departure for the hero’s origins. Although his origins have shifted over time as the story of Krypton’s final moments have been expanded and altered, the basics have remained largely the same. Normally, Superman's parents knew full well that their son would have extraordinary abilities because of Earth's yellow sun. Because of this, they set Kal-El on a path to become a hero. They sent their son there also with capabilities to learn of his legacy so that he had a destiny to fulfill and a fate as a hero to live up to. DC even recently changed Superman's origins to let his parents live in Dark Knights of Steel.

Supersaur had none of those things. All he had were the human parents who adopted him. And since he's not a human himself, he didn't have the luxury that Clark Kent had to hide among the human populace. Supersaur always knew he was different. But despite not knowing his family's legacy and the destiny that they established for him, he became a hero anyway. Rather than have a fate to live up to, Supersaur made his own fate by choosing to be a hero rather than having it chosen for him. So in this regard, the dinosaur Superman is in fact a greater hero than Kal-El could hope to be.

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The Jurassic League #1 is available now from DC Comics!

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